Hazelwood - closure of factory

Good decisions needed on Hazelwood’s future

From the Sligo Weekender

The announcement last week that the final jobs at Saehan Media are to go next month did not come as a major surprise.

Given the gradual reduction in staff numbers over the past few years because of falling demand for videos, it was always only a matter of time before the final closure was announced.

The only surprise really was that the Korean company hung in so long in the face of the inevitable.

It is significant however in that it is the end of the line for another large manufacturing employer in Sligo.

Given the present climate with so many manufacturers seeking to locate in lower wage economies, it will be a difficult task for the IDA to land another Snia or Saehan type operation.

Already people have begun to look at other uses for the property. With the undoubted natural beauty of the area, tourism-related enterprises or activities seem to be the perfect for it.

Looking at it now it seems incredible that it should have been selected in the first place as a site for a major industry.

Of course, if the IDA can attract a major company offering 300 or 400 jobs no one is going to say no to it going into the factory in Hazelwood. But if that does not happen then the preference would be to use this scenic area to its full potential for the greater good.

The ideal would be for it to come into public ownership and be developed as a major tourism attraction.

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