Colonel Wynne gets his orders 1689

The following letter is preserved and displayed in the military museum at Enniskillen, which I visited on 7th September. Lieut-General James Douglas was in command of the vanguard at the Battle of the Boyne. The interpretation of the handwriting is my own, and differs from the printed interpretation in the museum, particularly in that the printed transcription does not recognise the date, 25th June, reading it as 'signed order'! The printed version omits the instruction to relieve the troop once a fortnight. This instruction, together with the date, shows that 6 days before the battle some at least of the army of King William was on high alert, but ready to stay in position a long time.

Lieutenant Generall Douglas.

You ar to march with the regiment off dragouns under your comand from Beleeck to Killeter and the adjacent places where you are to remain till further order. You ar to leave a troup off your regiment quartered within two myles of Beleeck who ar to hold good correspondence with the foot at Beleeck and ar to be reddie when occasion requyers them at that place, this troup you may reliev once a fourtnight. You ar to tak speciall notice that non off your regiment pass the Palmer mountains or quarter in any part off the Laggan, you ar to advertis collonell Russell off your march and must not remov till the day that the foot to Beleeck to reliev you. Given at Inskilling this 25th June 1689. JA: Douglas.

for Collonell Wynn