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Wynne family


Edward Wynne

A biography in 6 chapters.

Evelyn Wynne née Ball-Acton

A biography in 9 chapters.

Emily Parsons née Wynne

A biography in 16 chapters.

Shorter Memoirs

Frances Wynne, a Victorian poet 1863-93

Interview from 'The Lady of the House' 1893, and selection of poems.

General George Wynne 1804-90

A short memoir from the Royal Engineers' Journal August 1890.

Archdeacon Robert Wynne, author b.1838

Life story and list of his books.

Billy Wynne - Samaritan in Ireland 1919-2000

Interview and obituaries.

Charles Acton Wynne - Engineer

Life and letters in 6 chapters.

Gladys Wynne, artist d.1968

A few memories and pictures.

Wynne dwellings

Gwydir Castle

Family seat of the Wynnes in North Wales from about 1490.


The Avoca home of three sisters who ran the Avoca Handweavers.


Family seat of the Wynne family in Sligo 1722-1912

Other information

Colonel Wynne gets his orders 1689

Document from the Enniskillen Museum.
Edward Wynne's clock


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