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In a Strange Land

The book cover An account of his throat cancer and laryngectomy by Robin J Reid includes the role played by Barbara Reynolds in his recovery.

In a Strange Land is published by the Athena Press at £10.99, ISBN 1-84401-203-4. It is available online from Amazon at £7.25 plus delivery. Delivery is free within the UK on orders over £15.

The book is described on its cover thus:
2000: A hot summer in Kyrgyzstan. A dry wind and an annoying cough prompt the author to visit a local hospital in the capital, Bishkek. In this strange land, he first hears the word ‘cancer’ applied to his condition.

Robin Reid pulls no punches, spares us no details in his descent into a choking illness, disastrous radiation therapy and final surrender to a laryngectomy.

Then comes the recovery, the refusal to accept a ‘mute inglorious state’, and the rediscovery of his voice. How he did this, the methods he chose, the mental state required and the back-up therapy available, are all detailed in this immensely inspiring and informative story. Essential reading for ‘laryngectomees’ of all kinds, it also affirms another side of the author’s successful struggle for communication, continuing work, and well being: his Christian faith.

Here is a man who has endured a personal Calvary, and his recovery is a lesson to us all.
Introducing Barbara, Robin Reid writes:
Another extremely gifted and very lovely member of the team was Barbara Parsons (Mrs Reynolds as she has since become), the Speech Language Therapist. She is a young lady of great grace with a very calm and pleasant manner. However, although quietly spoken she is also very forthright in her speech, so I always enjoyed the complete confidence of knowing where I stood with her in all our discussions. Along with her frankness she is a very practical person and I was later to benefit also from that, for it made her an excellent tutor. Although much of the work that she would do with me could not be undertaken until after my surgery, she visited me from time to time in the run-up to it. In this way she was able to explain to me some or what might lie in store for me on the speech therapy side of my treatment after my operation and to help me prepare myself for it by discussing the issues, and letting me question her on them.


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