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Tales of interesting ancestors are included here.


This ancestor, Pierre Careye, was part of a leading Guernsey family. You can follow the Carey pedigree further on their family web site, where this tale is to be found.

Familiarly known as `the Rebel,' Pierre Careye is one of the most notable figures in Guernsey history, if only for his dramatic escape with two others from Castle Cornet just in time to avoid death on the gallows. To understand how the three came to be imprisoned there, and why they were in danger of execution, it is necessary to summarize the events that led to the state of war, that lasted from 1643 until 1651, between the garrison of Castle Cornet and the inhabitants of Guernsey. Read the full story.

John Winthrop, first Governor of Massachusetts

A new biography of a 9th great grand-uncle has just been published by Oxford University Press, and was reviewed in the Church Times 12 December 2003.

Read the review, and more about Wintrop.

James IV King of Scotland

James is a direct ancestor of the branch of the Parsons family. Read about James, trace the relationship, and read about some of the Gordon ancestors here.

Ancestors led both sides at Crecy

Having just finished a good historical novel about the Battle of Crecy: Harlequin by Bernard Cornwell, it seemed interesting to trace my descent from the opposing kings and also the commanderof the English left.

See the result here..

The Downing Street connection

See the Sir George Downing page here.


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