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Researching the Parsons family

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  • From Ian Parsons, originally from Plymouth in Devon, now living in Germany. 30 August 2006
    Trying to trace my ancestors but have hit a wall at Thomas Parsons from Blackawton in Devon. It was intersting as old family papers talked of the Earl of Rosse but this is obviously another Parsons line. I would like to go back beyond Thomas to see where it all connects. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • From John McEwen Wingham, Ontario, Canada. August 3rd 2006
    Dear Sir ,You have a very good web-site and a lot of information on my Le Strange and Venables.

    I am also a descendant of St. Margaret of Scotland through her children Edyth and David I.

    My Venables line is through Hugh Venables & Margery Cotton through their children Sir Richard (d-1403) and Margery Mainwaring of Peover Hall. John Le Strange & Ankaret Boteler & his sister Elizabeth Corbet are both my ancestors.
  • From Howard Parsons, Cardiff. 3rd August 2006
    I am curious; my father told me that we the Parsons family in Cardiff, originate from Somerset.

    After looking at this site it could be true.

    Does anybody know the link from Somerset to Wales?
  • From Les Hunter, originally from Billingham, Teesside but now Winchester, Hants. February 14th 2006
    My grandfather changed his name from Parsons to Hunter to allow him to join the Army during WW1. His father was Walter Hinsley Parsons and his mother was Margaret (nee Hunter) and he was born 12 August 04. I cannot find any information on his parents anywhere.

    Can any one help me to find where this side of my family goes.

    Many thanks

  • From Jane Neike, from UK although I now live in New Zealand. December 26th 2005
    Greetings, I would like to find a website that tells the story of Pa Salmon, My father John Tanner was one of Pa's boys and I've only vaguely heard of Pa's background. My father was very proud of him. If he was alive today he would be 106!! Any help would be much appreciated.

    With many thanks.

    Jane Neike
  • From Brian Hillman of Bridgewater (birth) now Southampton. December 9th 2005
    Mary Anne Gould was my Great Great Grandfathers sister. And Cornelius Poole was her brother in law. She was daughter of Edward and Elisabeth Hillman of Worle. She is the only daughter for which till now I had no reminiscences.


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