My birth and family - 1865

I was born at Locking, Somerset, on Jan 12.1865. My father, George Parsons, was a farmer, son of George Parsons and Elizabeth his wife, nee Hewlett. My paternal grandfather died Feb 28 1865 aged 61. He was a farmer and lived for many years at Wick St Lawrence about 5 miles from Locking. My grandmother died in 1876 aged 76, and I can remember her very well.

My mother, Hannah Gould, was the third daughter of Job and Mary Ann Gould. Job Gould was also a farmer at Wick St Lawrence. He died in 1870, and my grandmother died in 1872. My father was born at Wick St Lawrence Feb 23rd 1831, and died Jan 1st 1897 at Locking. My mother was born at Worle, April 7th 1835, and died May 16th 1911.

Both are buried side by side in the little churchyard at Locking. They were married on my mother's birthday, April 7th 1864, at Wick St Lawrence. It was not the custom for people in their station of life to go away for a honeymoon, so they drove off together in the evening for their new home at Locking. Here they were destined to spend the remainder of their days.

George Parsons, bachelor,
and Elizabeth Hewlett, spinster,
"both of this parish"
were married by licence
at Wick St Lawrence April 12th 1828.
My grandparents:

memory of
George Parsons
who died February 28th 1865
aged 61 years
also Elizabeth
relict of the above
George Parsons
who died March 23rd 1876
aged 76 years

(Tombstone at Wick St Lawrence churchyard)

They had four children of whom I was the eldest. My sister Elizabeth Catherine was born Oct.
25 1867. John Gould born Sept 11 1870. Joseph James born Oct 1 1874. We were all baptized in Locking church.

My parents:

George Parsons, bachelor
Hannah Gould, spinster
married, after banns
at Wick St Lawrence
April 7th 1864
by Aubrey Townsend, Curate
Aubrey Townsend (later spelt Townshend) born in Dublin 1812. Curate of Wick St Lawrence 1861-1869; Curate of Locking 1869 - 1874; Vicar of Puxton 1874-1891; Died Aug 20 1891; buried at Puxton.

Locking is a quiet village with a population of about 120. Here I grew up and spent the first 22 years of my life. I had very few companions at any time in the village. Some of the pleasantest recollections of those early days are the visits I used to pay to my aunts at Weston. Mrs Marion Louch was my mother's eldest sister, who was married to a saddler, Samuel Louch, a very godly man of a type rarely met with in the present day. I can well remember the family prayers in that home. My aunt was a woman of strong character and great intelligence. They had two sons, William and Charles, the one five years and the other three years older than myself. These were my most intimate companions during the first 15 years of my life, and I believe that the influence of that home was very great. My uncle was a Plymouth Brother, but of a very tolerant kind. My cousins were members of the Baptist Chapel and I always went to their place of worship when staying with them. I formed the impression in those days that the nonconformists were very much more devout and religious than churchpeople, and I fear there was some justification for this belief (in that district).

Job Gould was the son of Joseph and Hannah Gould (my great grandparents)
Hannah Gould died June 30 1816
Joseph Gould died Jan 7 1842
William Louch emigrated to America.

Charles was on his way to America for a holiday, and was drowned in the wreck of the Titanic, April 1912.

The sons of both are now engaged in Christian work, and are splendid examples of the influence of Christian parents and Christian homes.

My father's family

Mary Ann (Clark)
Elizabeth (Harris)
James (Australia)
Sophia (Harris)
Henry, married .........................
Sarah Ann (Nipper)
My mother's family

Marion (Louch)
Jane (Stebbins)
Hannah (Parsons)
William (died young)
Elizabeth (Parsons)
Annie (Gill)
Joseph (America)
- the last of the family,
died in America Feb 4th 1935.

My first cousins were very numerous

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