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Parsons Family and Friends

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Some of the Parsons Family

Children of William and Evelyn

William Henry Parsons 12 Jan 1865-11 July 1937. Read his Reminiscences here. Evelyn Watton 22 Oct 1870-17 Jan 1964. Read her Recollections here. Deryrk (Dick) Watton
Victor GeorgeParsons 22 May 1897-21 May 1916 Winifred Parsons 25 Sep 1898 Stanley Parsons 11 Aug 1900-11 Mar 1979 Howard Parsons 7 Feb 1903-17 Jun 1966 Martin Parsons 4 Aug 1907-4 Feb 1997 Read his autobiography here.

Children of Martin and Emily

Martin Parsons 4 Aug 1907-4 Feb 1997 Emily Evelyn Wynne 20 Jun 1902-1 Nov 1997
Read her biography here.
David Parsons Dorothy Evelyn Parsons Robert Martin Parsons


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