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February 2010

David Parsons, who set up this and many other websites, and took such pleasure in researching and writing their content, died last April, after a short illness. He documented his activities and thoughts in his final weeks on his 'View from the Street' weblog.

One of David's greatest loves was music. Friends and family will be singing and playing at a concert organised in his memory at Holy Trinity church, Street, on Saturday 27th February at 7.30pm. All are welcome. A collection will be taken for the Church's Ministry Among Jewish People.

Quotation of the Month

I was visiting a stately home recently, and enjoyed a tea served in aid of the village school, with two delightful little girls acting as waitresses. I commented, as a joke, to one of the adults: "I see you still have child labour here." With an utterly straight face she replied at once, "O yes, we're a very traditional village."
The collection of photos previously shown here was out of date. Children grow up. Adults age. A new gallery, entirely of ancestors, is being prepared. "They shall grow not old ..."

Arwen Mariah born to Hilary and Mark Lutwyche

Arwen arrived on the due date, 19 May 2004, weighing in at 7lb 15oz. She was over 8 lb on 27th May.

Mark had to drive Hilary in a quick dash to Pittsburg. He never breaks the speed limit, but this time he did, and as luck would have it, was stopped by a police car. When the police learned what was happening, they drove in front and cleared the road for Mark and Hilary all the way to the hospital.
Granny Dorothy and Grandpa David are with the family for a few days more.

Molly's Baptism

Molly Rawes was baptised on Sunday 23rd November 2003

Grace Rosie Reynolds arrives

Giles and Barbara are overjoyed at the safe arrival of Grace Rosie Reynolds just after 8 pm on 30th October 2003, weighing 8 lb 2 oz. They kept emphasising that she is perfect! She had her first feed within an hour, and Barbara described her chubby face and arms...

Graham in Glendalough

Dateline: 15th September 2003

Here I am in Glendalough with a few minutes before I go to bed, so I will try to fill you in on some of what we have been up to.

I got quite a surprise last Sunday at St. John's, Laragh, when I went over to say hello to Jack and Olive Carstairs and the unrecognized gentleman beside them said ...Read more

Cousin Michael Siberry

Michael Siberry was acting in As You Like It at the Bath Theatre Royal the other week, and I went along, but didn't get to meet him.

His mother is Joan nee Parsons, who now lives in Tasmania. His uncle is Peter Parsons who lives in the south west, near Ilminster. Peter and Joan, with their younger sister Ann, who died, came to stay with us (Martin, Emily, David, Dorothy, Robert) in Delgany, Co Wicklow, soon after the war. They are my first cousins.

Michael has had a successful... Read more here.

David and Dorothy in Alderminster

David and Dorothy had a good day for their move to Alderminster, on Thursday 30th May (Ascension Day), and are safely in their new home.

See Christmas pictures from Alderminster here. See more about Alderminster here.

The Story of the Sign

By Trevor Parsons

Well here's an amusing story about a sign. A while ago Colin Newman of Barking asked on one of the LCC mailing lists for suggestions of wording etc for a sign to encourage cyclists arriving at Barking Station to dismount and wheel their bikes. He had been consulted by the station manager and/or the local authority for his advice.

I spent 20 minutes or so pondering this and knocking up a draft of a sign which would convey the message in a welcoming, rather than admonitory, way, and which would also offer useful information, viz where in the station you could park your bike.

To accompany the positive wording, I electronically scribbled an image of someone wheeling a bike - after the 21st century naive school - intended to provide a professional graphic designer with a starting point.

So here's the design suggestion I sent off to Colin: Wheel your bike sign Colin thanked me and I thought nothing more about it. Imagine my surprise, then, when Colin told me that Barking Station now had a sign based on my suggestions. I was delighted and asked for a photo. He duly sent one: Welcome to Barking station sign

As you can see, my sketch had been used 'verbatim'.

I laughed for hours. I'm still laughing.

The funniest thing about this is that there is, as far as Colin knows, no cycle parking on platform 3. I had only put that wording there as an example.

I'm actually still quite proud of the idea and the wording, and I hope that station managers might pick up on it when they're next thinking of putting up a 'No cycling' sign. But I would advise the employment of a professional graphic artist somewhere in the process!

Moral: if you are sketching a draft for a sign, mark it clearly as a draft. ;)


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