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Kilmacurragh on the web

The house built by the Acton family in County Wicklow was sold by Charles Acton and subsequently was burned and fell into disrepair. The estate has been taken over by the Irish forestry department and is now a tourist attraction. This is a page of web links. I have omitted the many sites dedicated to particular species named 'Kilmacurragh'.

History since 1660 (on this site)
Botanic Gardens site
Botanical gardens
House Photo
Nazis in Kilmacurragh
Nazis in Kilmacurragh
A tour report:
If I return to Ireland I shall certainly spend far more time exploring gardens and plant collections. Some members of my group judged the trip's highlight to be visiting Kilmacurragh, an abandoned estate garden in the southeast, near Rathdrum, County Wicklow. We saw its towering, tree-sized rhodies, its massive southern hemisphere plants, its 200 year old oak avenue, and were enthralled. Plans are modestly underway to reclaim the garden as part of the National Botanic Garden collection.

Southern Beeches
New Chinese Rhododendrons
Gardeners' site
Questions in the Dail

Miles Reid study on Kilmacurragh

Title page
Dedication page
Literature Review
Past Elements
Garden Development
Historic Plant Record
Evolution of the Landscape from Maps
Methodology Used
Customer Survey
Survey Results and Chart
Appendices Cover
Appendices 1 and 2 Plant Donation Record
Appendix 3 - Tree Heights
Appendix 4 - Rhododendrons
Appendix 5 -Trees from the Lit Rev
Appendix 6 - Restoration Work 2000
Appendix 7 - Interview with PWJ
Appendix 8 - Interview with Paul Maher
Appendix 9 - Down Survey close up
Appendix 10 - Down Map FULL
Appendix 11 - County Wicklow Map in 1700
Appendix 12 - Estate Map 1708
Appendix 13 - Wicklow Map 1760
Appendix 14 - OS 1835 Map
Appendix 16 - Trails for Visitors 1
Appendix 19 The Irish Giant Deer
Appendix 20 - Pool Uncovered
Appendix 22 - Permission for use of Maps and Photos
Events at the Kilmacurragh Arboretum
Findings Cover
Findings 1 - Signposts
Findings 2 - Storyboards
Findings 3 - Paths within the grounds
Findings 4 - Entrance Gates
Findings 5 - House
Findings 6,7 &8 - Internet, Labels, Avenue
Findings 9 - Ferns
Findings 10 - Fungi
Findings 11 - Synergies
Findings 12 - Grass Cutting Equipment
Findings 13 - SWOT Analysis


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