Christian's Guide to Growing Old


Old age is a subject we must all face, and in the pages which follow I have tried to share my own thoughts and convictions about it. Not that the ideas expressed are in any way original. As a minister I have had a good deal to do with elderly people, and have discussed with many of them the peculiar joys and perils of old age. And as this is A Christian's Guide to Growing Old, I have naturally drawn lavishly from the Bible, which is the Guide Book for every time of life. I hope some may want to read this book who are still in middle life. We need not wait for old age before trying to find out what God's Word says about it.

There are many elderly folk who, all unconsciously, have helped in the writing of this little book, and I am grateful to them all. But I dedicate what is here written to the memory of two people: my own mother who first taught me Bible stories and listened while I said my prayers, and who entered into rest at the age of ninety-three with her mind still active and most of her faculties unimpaired; and my wife's mother who, since the writing of the book was completed, has in her ninety-third year, after a life of wonderful influence for Christ. Both were often in my thoughts as I wrote.

May God direct us all in His way, the narrow way which leads to life. "For the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day" (Proverbs

Except where otherwise stated, all quotations of Scripture are from the Revised Standard Version.

The hymn For those we love within the veil, which appears on pages 76-77, is printed by kind permission of the Oxford University Press.