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Front cover of Drumcliffe


by Stella Durand

Stella's excellent book has one or two facts about the Wynne family, ancestors of the Parsons branch.

See more about the book here

One internet review calls it: "A very readable beautifully produced book intertwined with photos and drawings. It will appeal to visitors to Drumcliff in particular."

Information about the Wynnes includes these facts:
  • Owen Wynne came to Ireland from Wales in 1658 during the protectorship of Oliver Cromwell's son Richard. He was offered two leases of church lands in Co. Leitrim, and later bought the land.
  • His son Owen bought an estate in Sligo for 20,000 in 1722, and built Haselwood in 1731.
  • Richard Wynne, of the Haslewood House family, was rector of Drumcliffe from 1797 to 1811. His curate from about 1802 was John Yeats, who succeeded him as rector.
  • During the 1798 Rising Richard's brother, the Rt. Hon. Owen Wynne, was a Captain of the County Sligo Light Infantry, who fought against the French and the United Irishmen at the Battle of Vinegar Hill and later at Killala.
  • Owen Wynne, as Member of Parliament for the town and county of Sligo, voted against the Act of Union, which abolished the Irish Parliament and put Ireland under Westminster. The Act was passed allegedly by the British buying votes for honours.


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