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Annesleys as Rectors and Lord of the Manor

The Reverend Francis Hanbury Annesley was both squire and vicar of Clifford Chambers, near Stratford on Avon.

This 'achievement' or coat of arms is included in a book about Clifford Chambers. I think the Annesley family shield is the one in the top left corner, which is described or blazoned as follows: Paly of 6, ar. and Az., a bend., gu.

I seem to remember from the time I was a member of my school heraldry society, that this means that the background is like a pale or fence with six planks, alternately white and blue, and the strip across is red.

The bust on top of the whole achievement is the 'Moor's Head' that is on some of the family silver.

By the way, other crests on the family silver include the Acton crest: a demi-lion rampant, guardant, gules (i.e. with the face turned towards us, red); and the Wynne crest: a wolf-s head erased. (Erased means torn off so as to leave jagged edges.)

Francis Hanbury Annesley's sister Georgina Cecilia ( the story she wrote for the Wildflower Magazine is on this site) married Colonel Ball-Acton; their daughter Evelyn Caroline Annesley Ball-Acton married Edward Wynne, and their daughter Emily Evelyn Wynne married Martin Parsons. Just to remind everyone!

I scanned the Clifford Chambers book, and it is available here.


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