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Books by or about family members

By Martin Parsons

The Ordinal

The book about how the Church of England makes bishops, priests and deacons, and the kind of life and work expected from them.

The Holy Communion

The book about the Prayer Book service.

The Christian's Guide to Growing Old

A book giving simple, commonsense, Bible-based guidance for those approaching old age. The American edition was called "Towards the Senior Years."

The Call to Holiness

Martin Parsons wrote: When I gave my first address some fifty years ago, the leader of the Bible Class I attended took me by the arm and, after words of encouragement, said: 'If an older man may give you a word of advice, stick to your simplicity.'

In his book Martin Parsons asks about Holiness: What is it? How does it show?

Your Worship

An address written for the Dublin Youth Conference, 1943. We are created in order to worship God. Worship must be based on knowledge of God; we must repent of our sin and received God's salvation in order to worship; worship must be balanced. The Book of Common Prayer ensures worship is both Biblical and balanced.

Thinking towards Confirmation

A short booklet published in 1968.

The Christ we proclaim

Martin was invited to preach the CMS Annual Sermon in 1960. This contains the heart of his message.


A short autobiography under the title 'Pilgrimage in Partnership' was published by grove Books in 1982. This version uses Martin's original manuscript, which includes passages excised from the printed version. Martin was very keen not to cause offence or embarrassment to anyone, so the passages added here are particularly interesting.

A Plain Guide to the Old Testament

Never published as a book, this Guide is closely based on lecture notes written for the London College of Divinity. (Transcription in progress.)

By David Parsons


The life story of his mother, born Emily Evelyn Wynne. There will be additions and changes to this work.


The life of Evelyn Wynne née Ball-Acton, mother of Emily.


The life of Edward Wynne, father of Emily.

Gleam Flying Onward

The history of Bruton School for Girls. Read the first chapter here.
Order a copy here.

By Archdeacon G.R. Wynne

Archdeacon Wynne was a prolific author. See list here

By Bishop Frederick Wynne

Fragmentary Records of Jesus of Nazareth

Other Authors


by Evelyn Parsons

Evelyn née Watton was the mother of Martin Parsons


by William Henry Parsons

Written at Locking during a very pleasant holiday, 1911. I stayed at the Vicarage with my family, from August 1st to September 12th. Written at the old house, still occupied by my brother Joe.

The Wynnes in Glendalough

Extracts from 'Where the river runs' by Vera Pettigrew, with stories of Jack and May Wynne of The Cottage, Glendalough, Co Wicklow in Ireland, and Gladys Wynne of Lake Cottage. Front cover of Drumcliffe


by Stella Durand

The Revd Lady Stella Durand is Rector of Kiltegan, Co Wicklow, in Ireland. She has written the definitive guide to the Church of Ireland Parish of Drumcliffe in Co Sligo, where W B Yeats is buried. Stella is a 4th cousin, descended from the Wynnes of Sligo. The book was published in 2000 by Drumlin Publications, IBSN 1-873437-19-6. Before Ireland adopted the Euro it cost £IR8. A few of the fact in the book about Wynne family members are here.

Colonel Charles Ball-Acton

Georgie Ball-Acton née (Georgina Cecilia) Annesley commissioned this book about her late husband so that their children would know about their father. One of those children, Evelyn Caroline Annesley Ball-Acton, later Mrs Wynne, told us it was a dull book, and it certainly could have been more interestingly written, but the events it records and the portrait of the man are very interesting to me at least.

In a Strange Land

An account of his throat cancer and laryngectomy by Robin includes the role played by Barbara Reynolds in his recovery.

'George Birmingham' (Revd James Owen Hannay)

whose mother was a Wynne wrote comic novels set in Ireland. Nine of them are available at The Gutenberg Project.


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