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This is the page for articles by or about family members


by Evelyn Parsons

Evelyn nee Watton was the mother of Martin Parsons

1896 August 11th: Married at Richard's Castle 3 in afternoon. Now read on.


by William Henry Parsons

Written at Locking during a very pleasant holiday, 1911. I stayed at the Vicarage with my family, from August 1st to September 12th. Written at the old house, still occupied by my brother Joe. Now read on.

Some memories of S. Jude's forty-seven years ago.

This is from a Birmingham parish magazine that his father sent to Martin Parsons, with a message that it should be given to David, in case David was interested in the grandfather he would never know. He was living in Weston-super-Mare, in poor health, and David was in Warsaw. He died at the age of 72 in July 1937, 4 months after David was born. Now read on.


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