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Archdeacon George Robert Wynne

Archdeacon Robert Wynne born 6 March 1838; died ?

From a web site on Irish Authors comes this brief life:

George Robert Wynne


Archdeacon of Aghadoe; anglican churchman; Spiritual Life in its Advancing Stages, and other relig. works. IF.


Stephen Brown, Ireland in Fiction (Dublin: Maunsel 1919), lists, Not Peace But the Sword (R.T.S. 1897), in which a young female evangelist converts a family of Joyce’s in the West of Ireland; Ballinvalley, or A Hundred Years Ago (SPCK 1898), rebellion from loyalist and Protestant standpoint.

Church of Ireland Gazette article

An article about Gladys Wynne's father, Emily Parsons' Uncle George, appeared in the Church of Ireland Gazette, February 12, 1904, 4 months before Emily's birth. Here is an extract:

"In the portrait we print to-day [see above] not a few of our readers will recognise the features of an old friend and a greatly-valued teacher, the Venerable the Archdeacon of Aghadoe, and they must often think it passing strange that one endowed by the Master with such unique powers of spiritual influence, a ripe scholar, a thoughtful preacher, a gifted author, a wise conductor of parochial missions — that so far as the Church of his birth is concerned, he should, for a quarter of a century, have been left buried in the beautiful but lonely cemetery of the Parish of Killarney. Connected by family ties and by spiritual affinities with Robert Daly, and Sydney Smith, and Frederick Wynne, the Archdeacon has a sort of traditional claim on the affections of Irish Churchmen. He is one of the few missing links between the past and present."

The article goes on to mention some of his books.

'His "Morning" and "Evening Chimes for the Little Ones" supply our mothers with some chapters which are singularly fitted for conveying truth to very young children. Young people who have been carefully prepared for Confirmation will find just the help they need in three little volumes entitled, "Spiritual Life in its Earlier stages," "Spiritual Life in its Advancing Stages," and a small volume of essays, "Faith and Duty." Of late the SPCK has almost every year brought out a new story for the young from the Archdeacon's pen. To quite another class of readers "The Old Man's Psalm" will be equally welcomed; while the great cause of Missions has been materially promoted by the lectures delivered in the Chapel of Trinity College.

'All the clergy and lay people who are Christian Imperialists should read, if they have not already done so, the Archdeacon's Donnellan Lectures. "The Church in Greater Britain" — a new and wonderfully cheap edition of this epoch-marking book has lately been brought out price one shilling and sixpence.'


  • The Light of the Gospel, or, The O'Tooles of Glen Imaal (children's fiction)
  • The Curate of West Norton, a tale for the times, (London S.W. Partridge and Co 1868)
  • Only my Sister
  • THE EVIDENCE OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, derived from its Original Propagation in the World; being a portion of the Origines Sacrae of Dr. Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester. Abridged and Annotated by G. R. Wynne, B. A. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d. (London S.W. Partridge and Co before 1868)
  • Ralph Clifford, a tale of country life in Virginia after the Civil War, (SPCK 1894)
  • Not Peace But the Sword (R.T.S. 1897) in which a young female evangelist converts a family of Joyce’s in the West of Ireland.
  • Ballinvalley, or A Hundred Years Ago (SPCK 1898) rebellion from loyalist and Protestant standpoint.
  • Morning Chimes for the Little Ones (SPCK)
  • Evening Chimes for the Little Ones (SPCK)
  • Spiritual Life in its Earlier stages
  • Spiritual Life in its Advancing Stages
  • THE CHRISTIAN'S PROGRESS. By the Ven. G.R. WYNNE, D.D., Archdeacon of Aghadoe. 1s. published by James Nisbet & Co.
  • The Old Man's Psalm.
    Written in 1903, this book is based on Psalm 71.
  • Faith and Duty - essays (Dublin Sealy, Bryers and Walker, London Elliot Stock 1889)
  • The Church in Greater Britain - the Donnellan Lectures delivered before the University of Dublin. 1900-01. London 1901. 3rd ed. 1911. Sm. 8vo.
  • The Day's March: A daily portion for the children to read at bed-time. (SPCK 1906)
  • Mercy and Truth - article in The Expository Times, 1910
  • Men of Galilee - article in The Expository Times, 1911
  • His Father's Son; A Tale (SPCK c. 1900)
An index to the Girls' Own Paper, © Honor Ward, includes this:
Wynne Ven.Archdeacon D.D.: Sweet-Gale Volume 1894.15 Mignonette Page(s) 3
The Girl's Own Annual Vol 21 RTS 7.10.1899 to 29.9.1900 includes
'In the Days of King Alfred: A Love-Story of Ancient Erin' by Ven. Archdeacon of Aghadoe;

The Daily Service.

A special promise from the Saviour came
To two or three assembled in His Name.

A quiet Hour in the House of Prayer
Is real comfort in a world of care.

"I seem to get no good." This may be true:
Yet even so, Worship to God is due.

"But surely, God is present everywhere."--.
Yet has He called His House "The House of Prayer."

"I have not time" you say; yet you could find
Enough for this, were worship to your mind.

"The hour is late" But you can go with ease
To concerts later, because concerts please.

"There's no variety in daily prayer."--
Nor yet in daily bread, nor light, nor air.

"We are engaged, we cannot all leave home."
Yet one from every house could surely come.

When the bell sounds o'er street, and hill, and lea,
Let heart and conscience say, "'Tis calling me."

Come! do not let your pastor pray alone;
He longs to lead his people to the throne.

The Ven. G. R. WYNNE, D.D
. Archdeacon of Aghadoe.
[Printed in the parish magazine of Frenchay in 1902]


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