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Acton family

Peter Acton has recently had the family portraits cleaned and photographed. Here are the results.

As one method of seeing how they fit in the family tree, I've made a note of each person's relationship to David, Dorothy and Robert.

7th gt g-father 5th gt g-mother 5th gt g-father 4th gt g-father 4th gt g-mother 6th gt g-father
Thomas Maule died February 1671 in Dublin Elinor Kempston, wife of Thomas Acton Thomas Acton, builder of Kilmacurragh, died 2 Jan 1750 William Acton, son of Thomas and Elinor, 1711-1779 Jane Parsons, daughter of Sir William Parsons of Birr Castle, married William Acton Thomas Pigot St George
Thomas Maule,
Surveyor General of
Customs of Ireland,
died February 1671
in Dublin.
His daughter
Grace married
Nicholas Kempston,
a Colonel in
Cromwell's army,
and their daughter
Elinor married
Thomas Acton.
Elinor Kempston,
granddaughter of
Thomas Maule and
wife of Thomas Acton
Thomas Acton
began building
the house
at Kilmacurragh
in 1697,
and obtained
from Richard,
Viscount Rosse,
leases for lives,
renewable forever,
of lands in co. Wicklow,
by deeds dated 13 Feb
and 10 May 1716.
He died 2 Jan 1750.
William Acton,
1711-1779, son of
Thomas and Elinor,
entered Trinity College,
Dublin, 14 Nov 1726,
was Keeper of the Writs
of the Court
of Common Pleas.
He married 4 March, 1736
Jane, sister of
Sir Lawrence Parsons,
3rd Baronet,
of Birr Castle.
Jane Parsons,
daughter of
William Parsons
and granddaughter of
Sir William
the second Baronet,
of Birr Castle.
Thomas Pigot
St George.

The grandfather of
Jane Parsons was
Thomas Piggott.
(The name is
spelled variously.)
3rd gt g-father 3rd gt g-mother 4th gt g-aunt 4th gt g-aunt 2nd gt g-mother gt g-father
Thomas Acton Sidney Davis married Thomas Acton Grace Acton, sister of Thomas, married Thomas Ball Elinor Acton, sister of Thomas and Grace, married Revd John Blackford, D.D. who died 1748 Caroline Walker, married William Acton Colonel Charles Ball-Acton
Thomas Acton
son of William Acton
and Jane Parsons
who married
Sidney Davis
in 1780.
Sidney Davis
daughter of Joshua,
a Dublin barrister,
who married
Thomas Acton
in 1780.
Grace Acton,
daughter of
Thomas and Elinor,
married Thomas Ball,
a Co Wicklow barrister.
Elinor Acton,
sister of Grace,
married Revd John
Blackford, D.D.
who died 1748
Caroline Walker,
married Lt. Col.
William Acton
16 June 1818.
William was son of
Thomas Acton and
Sidney Davis.
He was an M.P.
She died 11 Apr 1879.
Col Charles
son of Caroline Walker
and father of
our grandmother.

Wynne family

Canon Billy Wynne


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