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Acton Ancestors

Peter Acton has recently received the portraits of the Actons of Kilmacurragh, and has had them cleaned and photographed by a professional photographer, Susie Henry . Here are the pictures, much cleaner than we have ever seen them, but, says Peter, "just as ugly!"

Thomas Maule died February 1671 in Dublin Elinor Kempston, wife of Thomas Acton Thomas Acton, builder of Kilmacurragh, died 2 Jan 1750 William Acton, son of Thomas and Elinor, 1711-1779 Jane Parsons, daughter of Sir William Parsons of Birr Castle, married William Acton
Grace Acton, sister of Thomas, married Thomas Ball Elinor Acton, sister of Thomas and Grace, married Revd John Blackford, D.D. who died 1748

Notes by Peter Acton

The notes refer to the original order in which the photos were sent to me, and I haven't yet sorted out exactly which portrait is which.
  1. Thomas I. Founder of Kilmacurragh (1693?). Married Elinor Kempston, granddaughter of Thomas Maule. Father of William I and Elinor II.
  2. Caroline, nee Walker. Married William II in 1818.. Charles's great-grandmother.
  3. Colonel Ball Acton CB. Born 1830, son of William II and Caroline Walker. Charles's grandfather.
  4. Elinor II, daughter of Thamas I and Elinor I. Married her cousin Henry Kempston.
  5. Elinor I. Granddaughter of Thomas Maule. Married Thomas I. Mother of William 1 and Elinor 2.
  6. Thomas Piggot St George. Grandfather of Jane Parsons. Portrait attributed to Latham.
  7. Grace. Daughter of Thomas II
  8. Jane, nee Parsons, daughter of Sir William Parsons. Married William 1.
  9. Sydney. Married Thomas II in 1780
  10. Thomas Maule. Surveyor General of the Customs of Ireland. Portrait dated 1661. Grandfather of Elinor I.
  11. William I.
  12. Thomas II


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