Acton anecdotes

An Acton holds her own against Dean Swift

The following is written on a small piece of paper which used to be kept in a miniature chest of drawers (a 'prentice piece'), and is in the handwriting of Irene Ball-Acton, sister of Evelyn Caroline Annesley (Ball-) Acton, mother of Emily Wynne (Parsons):
David's great great great great Grand Aunt Elinor Acton who married the Rev John Blackford D.D. was reading to her children when Dean Swift came into the room. He said scornfully, "Is it a woman pretending to teach?"

Mistress Blackford replied - "Yes, Sir, and 'tis a very foolish book lately published called Gulliver's Travels."

Her daughter married Henry Lighe of Rosanna and wrote "Psyche."
(2) Elinor Acton on my family tree was the sister of William Acton, born 1711, Emily Parsons' ancestor.