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Acton Family History


The Acton family portraits

By courtesy of Peter Acton.


Biography of Colonel Charles Ball-Acton

Including letters and diary entries about the Afghan campaign 1878-80.

The Life of Evelyn Caroline Annesley Wynne née Acton

Brief lives and anecdotes

The Acton plaque at Cheltenham

Three Acton brothers brought the game of Rugby Football to Cheltenham College.

Letters from Monkton Combe School

These five letters are the only memorial to William Parsons Ball-Acton.

The Hero of Inkerman

William Molesworth Cole Acton served in the Crimea, and gained fame in the Battle of Inkerman, November 5th 1854. He received a staff appointment a few years after the Crimean War, and ultimately retired from the army with the rank of Colonel.

Charles Acton, music critic and polymath

Charles Acton was for very many years the music critic of the Irish Times.

An Acton holds her own against Dean Swift

An amusing anecdote.

Charles Annesley Acton

Reginald Acton

Charles and his brother Reginals were killed in the first World War.

The Acton estate

Kilmacurragh, the Acton family estate


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